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This page lists the projects that I have created or that I am involved with. As you may notice, these are all software projects. All the ones listed here are open source and available on Github together with many other projects of mine not listed here.

Here is a break down of these many projects by programming language:

Language Projects
Nimrod Aporia Babel Nimbuild Jester
Haskell SimpleIRC ElysiaBot pb
Python Nyx MDSBot
C++ FutureHack


Nimrod is a statically typed programming language which compiles to C. I have found out about Nimrod in 2010 and since then I have contributed a lot of code towards its standard library and towards tools for the language which include Aporia, nimbuild, nimforum, babel and many others. I was the one to begin development on many of these tools, and to this day the projects are lead by me and have been almost completely developed by me as well.

My contributions to Nimrod's standard library range from work on various modules such as the JSON module to implementing sockets and related protocols such as HTTP and FTP.

I have shaped the language over the three years that I have been involved with it and I continue to do so. Nimrod is and always will be one of the best experiences I have had developing and designing software as well as the most challenging.


Aporia is an IDE (currently more of an "advanced text editor") for Nimrod. It is written in Nimrod by me and uses the GTK toolkit for the GUI together with GtkSourceView for the editing component. Aporia is still a work in progress but it is already very usable as a development tool for Nimrod and other programming languages.


Babel is a package manager for the Nimrod programming language. It is akin to Ruby's gems and Haskell's cabal.


Nimbuild is a build farm written in the Nimrod programming language, it has been designed to build and test the Nimrod compiler on a variety of platforms and to report the results. The live version of Nimbuild is accessible here.


Jester is a Nimrod web framework inspired by Sinatra. It is used by both Nimbuild and the Nimrod forum.


SimpleIRC is a Haskell IRC library, it allows you to connect to IRC servers, send messages to channels, receive messages and more.


ElysiaBot is a Haskell IRC bot built on top of the SimpleIRC library, the project has been largely abandoned by me. It was meant to be an IRC bot which allowed extensions to be written in any programming language.


pb which stands for "pastebin", is a Haskell command line application which allows you to quickly pastebin text from your clipboard.


Nyx is an IRC client written in Python which uses GTK for its UI. I have sadly never finished this project, I was planning on rewriting it in a compiled programming language and Nimrod was suppose to be that language but other projects quickly got in the way. Someday, hopefully soon, I will revive this project.


MDSBot is an IRC bot written in Python, it is one of the many IRC bots that I have written and will always be remembered. It contains some interesting modules like the "space game" module which is a reproduction of ogame in IRC form.


FutureHack is a C++ game that I have written about 2 years ago to try out my C++ skills as well as my maths skills. The game uses SFML to render a 2D top-down tile-based map with a player which rotates according to the positioning of your cursor. The naming is inspired by nethack and it was initially meant to be a turn based rouge-like game similar to nethack but my ideas quickly changed.