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About Me

My name is Dominik Picheta. I am a high school student living in the UK. I have started programming about 7 years ago at a fairly young age, I managed to teach myself how to develop software while also learning English. I have started out with VB.NET but once I moved from Windows onto Linux I quickly learned Python. Nowadays I am a major contributor to the Nimrod programming language.

I currently work for PathXL if and when time permits. I also have a lot of personal projects which I work on in my spare time and this blog is in most cases directly related to these projects.

I like to think of myself as being reasonably experienced when working with sockets; especially low level sockets, developing web applications and working with GTK+. I also have a pretty good understanding of some of the most common communication protocols such as HTTP, FTP, IRC and others.

I place great interest in programming language design as it is ultimately how a programmer communicates with the computer. The work that I have done with the creator of the Nimrod programming language has strengthened this interest greatly. But this is by far not my only interest when it comes to programming. I also enjoy learning about low-level programming (in particular OS development), artificial intelligence, and many other things.


You can contact me by sending me a message to @d0m96 or dominik[at] I am also available on the Freenode IRC network as dom96.

About this website

This website is written using a combination of reStructuredText and HTML, it has been generated by a static blog generator called ipsum genera. I wrote it specifically for this website and its source code can be found on github.